How to build with right armor

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How to build with right armor

Post by Doomwad on Sun 13 Sep 2015, 12:36 am

My fellow pirates,here special for you all a tutorial how to put right armor on fleets.
Depending on what the fleet will be used for there are many builds ofcorse,therefore some tips with pictures and explaining texts.

Click pictures to see better!!

Here you see a standard draconian hull,called the battle ship.As you can see it has alot of slots on it.
Green slots are for weapons
Orange slots stand for all specials
Grey slots stand for armor placement.

As you can see on the left side of this picture,there some items!
Speedsystems are specials and will be placed at corresponding spot!(orange slot)

Yoy also see few draconian armors,they will be placed at the grey slots.

Now lets say you are building a missile fleet.Place a cx3 on a orange spot,than an engine to on an orange slot( all engines fit on it)
Put missile weapons(ones of your choice ) on green slots.Ofcorse depending on hull defence you will see how much defence you will have after
putting a alloy armor(cx3) on an orange slot,why this alloys??? corse they give best defence rating on a hull.
You can place now evade armor like the D5E zyntonithe armor on the grey slots or other zyntonithe armors to it.

Best way to defend a hull is as followed-------->>>   1 alloy armor cx1,2,3.1engine upgrade or speedsystem or reaver scout engine,they all fit on those orange slots, d2,3,4,5 E armor to have evade!!! or put d1,2,3,4 as missile armor ,this will give verry good missile defence;alloys give extra defence on it.When done that place your weapons and start building.

Now some tips:

Never mix ballistic weapons and penetrative weapons on one hull.This will not work!!!!
If you have 4 special slots!! try to put aspecial wich gives more range on your weapons such as is for missiles---->> solid fuell booster1,2,3 or for ballistic weapons---> hardened barrels 1,2,3.
or cannon system 1,2,3 also ballistic special.
Now lets say you want accuracy on your weapons and hull for missiles!!
Than put a missiles system 1,2,3 on a special slot.

T make things perfect clear to help you guys out i will make pictures from all armors and spcials appart and explain wich is what.

Please be patiant cuz this takes lot of time to make such tutorials.
For this first one i hope some thing are clrear already .

Aaaarrrrrrrrrr my fellas and a botlle of rum.


Ok part two Wink

The following pictures show you all the basic specials in base,advanced lab!!

This is when we start and have researched all in advanced lab,thats when you start building your fleets in the beginning.

Thes are the forsaken specials

Now when you build a ballistic fleet with forsaken stuff,keep in mind that they never as stro,g as the draconian types.

Take for examplle the seawolf,Fitted best with missiles or cannons.Missile fittin goes like this:
3times cutlasses3 and 2 times cutlasses2
Armors are steel 1 to make it a instant repair.
solid fuel booster3,laser targettin3 and engine upgrade3
thats the missile version.
now ballistic type:

thud cannons 4 or 3(depending on weight) 5 times.
Hardened barrels for extra range.
laser targetting can be put but not to put something else like a leight weight agyllaty or a guidance scrambler
Armor is steel1
Thats the ballistic version.


Now since this is a armor tutorial we have to keep in mind that all forsaken armors are not defending,only rejecting as it were.
They all give only that bit more armor points on a hull and thats it.
All forsaken specials are possiblle to mix with draconians and will work nicely together.
Draconian armors,like the D4m,or the d2E are realy protecting,infact all zinthonythe armors do protect and defend better than all forsaken ones.

see pictures to see wich are forsaken and draconian armors below.

Draconian armor type's

Draconian armor type's

forsaken armors

forsaken armor.

These forsaken armors do pretty much nothin at all besides givin longer time before gettin sunck thats all.
Draconian type armors do infact give defence on your hulls.
Now i hope you all understand better the type armors here.

Later on il make more pictures to have you all informed beter about those draconian type  armors.


Here some armors for defences.

Ok now some tips again:

When you own a hull wich has 4 special slots,it is not possible to put for eample a reactive plate and a cx3 alloy on one hull.
It would be awesome ofcorse and we would have full defence on that hull.
Both specials give missila defences and work well,tho the draconian type works best even if reactive plate gives like 66% penetrative defence.
The armorpoints on that reactive panel is as followed.
Ra1=< 33% penetrative defence
Ra2=< +50% penetrative defence
Ra3=< +66% penetrative defence
Ablative same as reactive but thats explosive defence
Layered armor same as firts two but ballistic defence.
Alloy armors have always two types protection.

MC1=> 15% ballistic and 15% missile defence
MC2=> 30% ballistic and 30% missile defence
MC3=> 45% ballistic and 45% missile defence

MX1=> 15% explosive and 15% missile defence
MX2=> 30% explosive and 30% missile defence
MX3=> 45% explosive and 45% missile defence.

CX1=> 15% ballistic and 15% epxlosive defence
CX2=> 30% ballistic and 30% explosive defence
CX3=> 45% ballistic and 45% explosive defence

Now tell me ,those are better armors specials to add cuz they all give two kinds of defence on the hull.
Now lets put a alloy armor MC3 and 3 times d4m to a hull like the floating fortress,it gives you 60 % on missile
If you put a MX3 its the same.
And if you put a CX3 its 45 on missile and 45 on ballistics but 27 on explosive defences
These numbers were seen when i worked with huggys shipbuilder,thats how i can tell all defence percentage.
Ofcorse all hulls defer on own defence percentage and will give different percentage when you add such alloy armors.

Now gont get all exited here cuz when you have loads on defence doesnt mean you cant get sunck.
Range on weapons help alot to,that is why we use solic fuell boosters for penetrative range and hardened barrels for ballistic range.
There ar as far as i know no concussive specials to make concussive range better.
Ok lets dream once here,take a batlle ship,wich has 30% hul defence on missile
30% on ballistics and 20% on explisive defences,now put an MC3alloy in one special slot,this will give 62% on ballistics aswel as on missile defences.
On the other hand if you put a reactive armor wich is found on forsaken specails lab advanced it will give an extra 66% missile defence so thats 76% in total
Other two remain same cuz reactive armors give only one defence .
Now imagine we could both,that means alloy and reactive armors,that would give full defence and would make hull at 122% missile defence.45 % on ballistics.
So now you see the reason why Kixeye doesnt allow to put both those specials lol santa

Ok guys now see some examples i made here,they are showing you defences and evade and damage points.

no need to say much,just see for yourselves.

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Re: How to build with right armor

Post by Doomwad on Sun 13 Sep 2015, 12:38 am

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Re: How to build with right armor

Post by t59butch3 on Sun 13 Sep 2015, 3:21 pm

nice! Very Happy


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Re: How to build with right armor

Post by Carpina on Mon 14 Sep 2015, 8:00 am

Hey Doom i can imagine this is a lot of work. Nice job!


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Re: How to build with right armor

Post by Doomwad on Tue 15 Sep 2015, 4:46 am

It is JPS,but worth the efford Wink

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Re: How to build with right armor

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