terms and conditions in the alliance

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terms and conditions in the alliance

Post by mobogirl on Sat 09 May 2015, 2:26 pm

Terms and conditions in the alliance.

Important notification!!!
Every member counts and will be helped out when needed.
Remember that we have a truce with the 4SAKN alliance from sector 169.
We do NOT hit them in any way,no base or fleet attacks. Those rejectin this truce will be removed from the alliance at once. New members please be sure not to ignore this Notification.

To make sure we dont get problems or what so ever with the makers of this game we handlle out some rules on top of this alliance rules. First of all,we do not accept in no way hackin or cheating.First one to try or doin it will be reported to the administrationteam of kixeye inc. There will be no exceptions made,cheatin is goin out the alliance. Id number will be given in ticket and screenshot whithin included.
Verry important is when there is a raid running that we DO NOT go hit other alliances or players.
How ever when other alliances or players do attack first they agree with retaliation and may be attacked.
There is nothin else to it and those breaking this rule will be kicked (permaban) from our alliance.
That means the players disrespecting this matter will be kicked under nu circcomstance and at once!!!.
Bragging is ok,just dont overdo it,it means possible cheat or hack. Coining is no problem cuz we use coins to if needed. Further do not ever disrespect other players or members in alliance,actions will be made by the admin team,means kicked from alliance for one week or longer according to the matter happened.
Do not start comm wars or use bad language.
Now this condition is made together with the Leader and the whole administration team.
Every member must read and write read and aproved under this document of rules,not in this document.
Signed:Doomwad,paradoxx and Mobo

First of all we have fun
second we help eachother no matter what.
We do NOT hit in sector.
Stand guard and fight when alliance is in war.No matter what the cost is.
Never attack your own people in alliance,report if got attacked to an admin
Push repair and move on Very Happy
Lets all do our duty's and make alliance points. Wink
When raids are goin,we DO NOT go hit bases,this only to prevent unnecessary alliance wars

In de eerste plaats hebben we fun
Ten tweede help elkaar ongeacht de mogelijkheden.
We hitten NIET insector.
Sta guard waneer alliance in oorlog ongeacht de mee brengende kosten aan res.
Nooit eigen leden aanvallen,in geval van zelf aan gevallen worden,raporteren bij admins.
Druk repair en ga door Very Happy
Laten we allen onze plicht doen en goede alliancie punten halen. Wink
Tijdens raid worden er GEEN basissen GEHIT.Dit om onnodige alliancie wars te voorkomen.
Please do not spam this page!Nor postings like commercials.
offending rules result in kicked from the page and list!!

Zet geen reclame houdende berichten of spam op deze pagina.
Inbreuken op deze regels resulteren in een definitieve ban uit de
groep en de lijst.

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